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This report was funded as part of a United States Department of Labor state labor market information improvement grant. The scope of this grant is to promote economic growth by quantifying jobs and skill sets associated with green jobs throughout Alaska.

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Additional Green Jobs Information

Occupational Information

  • Alaska's Green Occupations- Appendix 3: (Excel) or (PDF)
  • Alaska's Green Occupations, State Government- Appendix 4: (Excel) or (PDF)
  • Alaska's Green Occupations with Labor Force Indicators: (PDF)
  • Employer Survey Data by Occupation: (Excel) or (PDF)
  • Green Score by Occupation: (Excel) or (PDF)

Industry Information

  • Alaska's Green Employment Estimates by Industry: (Excel) or (PDF)
  • Employer Survey Data by Industry Group: (Excel) or (PDF)

Survey Statistics

  • Sample Stratification by Industry: (Excel) or (PDF)
  • Survey Sample Statistics and Response Rate: (Excel) or (PDF)
  • Definitions of the Seven Green Job Categories (PDF)

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What is a Green Occupation?
Report Highlights
Occupations with Highest Green Employment
Training in Alaska for Green Occupations
Videos to learn more about Green Jobs and Industries
What is a green occupation?

To view complete definitions, click here.

R&A defined a green job as one where workers provided a good or service in at least one of seven categories:

Renewable energy

  • accounted for 13 percent (639) of all positions
  • these jobs were found primarily among employers in utilities and local government

Energy efficiency

  • accounted for 39 percent (1,954) of all positions
  • these jobs were found primarily in construction

Greenhouse gas reduction

  • accounted for 9 percent (466) of all positions
  • these jobs were found primarily within the utilities industry and mostly focused on occupations that were helping the transition to power sources with less carbon pollution

Pollution prevention, reduction, and cleanup

  • accounted for 33 percent (1,620) of all positions
  • these jobs were found primarily in waste management and remediation

Recycling and waste reduction

  • accounted for 32 percent (1,611) of all positions
  • these jobs were found primarily within waste management and local government, but this category spanned the largest cross-section of industries

Agricultural and natural resources conservation

  • accounted for 26 percent (1,313) of all positions
  • these jobs were found primarily in agriculture, and in professional and scientific services

Education, compliance, public awareness, and training

  • accounted for 35 percent (1,740) of all positions
  • these jobs were found primarily in professional and scientific services

Alaska Green Jobs Report Highlights

Research and Analysis identified 145 green occupations with reported employment in Alaska, representing 1.7 percent of total private and local government employment.

  • Green jobs are not an industry of their own; they span all industries where employers pursue more environmentally sustainable concepts.
  • The largest concentration of green jobs is in local government.
  • Tour guides as an occupation had the largest green employment.
  • Most workers in green jobs don’t spend 100 percent of their time producing a green product or service.
  • About half of all green jobs require extensive on-the-job training, certification, or special licensing.

Occupations with Highest Green Employment
Occupation Estimated Green Jobs Percent of All Green Jobs Green Score1
Tour Guides and Escorts 440 8.8% 3
Carpenters 275 5.5% 1
Fishers and Related Fishing Workers 2 266 5.3% 4
Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health 254 5.1% 4
Retail Salespersons 247 5.0% 1
Construction Laborers 212 4.3% 1
Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists 166 3.3% 7
Environmental Science and Protection Technicians, Including Health 158 3.2% 8
Geological and Petroleum Technicians 144 2.9% 3
General and Operations Managers 139 2.8% 1
Roofers 111 2.2% 2
Ship Engineers 93 1.9% 5
Environmental Engineering Technicians 93 1.9% 2
Service Unit Operators, Oil, Gas, and Mining 63 1.3% 1
Environmental Engineers 60 1.2% 3
Hazardous Materials Removal Workers 58 1.2% 1
First-Line Supervisors/Managers of Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Workers 52 1.0% 3
First-Line Supervisors/Managers of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers 52 1.0% 1
Office Clerks, General 51 1.0% 1
Power Plant Operators 49 1.0% 1
Total for all Occupations 4,973   
1/ The green score for an occupation is generated by taking a weighted average of time spent on green activities within a given occupation. The numbers are indexed between 1 and 10, with 10 representing that 100 percent of the occupation’s work is within a green category, 9 representing 90 percent, and so on.
2/ Excludes most commercial fishermen
Training Providers in Alaska for Green Occupations

The Alaska Training Clearinghouse identifies training available in Alaska, searchable by providers, programs, and occupations.

To view green programs and their providers on the Web site listed above, click on the “Green related occupations, training, or industries” filter on the programs and providers list pages. Below is our current list of green programs:

Training Provider Training Program
ABC of Alaska Carpentry
Construction Craft Laborer
Painting/Painter and Wall Covering
Sheet Metal Worker
Sprinkler Fitter
Alaska Ironworkers Ironwork
Alaska Joint Electrical Apprenticeship and Training Trust Wireman
Alaska Technical Center Advanced Commercial Construction
Construction Site Development
Construction Trades
Electrical Installation
Electrical Orientation
Electrical Systems
Electrical Systems/Heating Systems
Electrical Systems/Heating Systems/Plumbing Systems
Heating Systems
Plumbing Drain, Waste & Dev
Plumbing Orientation
Plumbing Supply Systems/pipe
Arctic Safety Training and Consulting Bridge Class, 40-Hour
CITS-Cook Inlet Training Standards
HAZWOPER Refresher
North Slope Training Cooperative
Petrochemical Health and Safety
Fairbanks Area Plumber and Pipefitters Plumbing and Pipefitting
Sheet Metal Workers Local Union #23 Journeyman Service Worker
Journeyman Sheet Metal Worker
Southwest Alaska Vocational and Education Center HAZWOPER, 40-Hour
Videos to learn more about green jobs and industries

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Alaska's Core Green Occupations

In developing the Alaska Career Lattice, we created a list of 71 core green occupations in Alaska to help us analyze worker movement among green jobs. To identify core jobs, we used the original list of 145 green occupations reported in the 2010 employer green jobs survey to identify those with a green score of 2 to 10 (35 occupations). We expanded that list further by matching O*NET's list of new, emerging, and increased demand green occupations with Alaska's 145 occupations that had a green score of 1. These matches resulted in an additional 36 green jobs, for a total of 71.

View Core Green Occupations

Each of these core green occupations are available in the occupational information on our web site. The occupational information includes information on employment and job openings, wages, labor force indicators, training and experience requirements, and training resources in Alaska. In addition you can download an Excel file.