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Most current industry-related articles published in Alaska Economic Trends

Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation

September 2014: Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation – Small part of economy but big in everyday life

Banking and Finance

September 2004: Banking and Finance – Stability prevails in Alaska's financial industry


November 2003: Alaska's Construction Industry – It has brought stability to the state's economy

Eating and Drinking

April 2014: Alaska is Big on Microbrews – Sales, jobs in craft breweries have shot up in recent years

Government- Federal, State and Local

February 2016: Government Jobs Vary by Area – Alaska has a high share of jobs in the public sector
October 2013: Federal Civilian Jobs in Alaska – Small share of employment brings in over $1 billion a year
February 2012: Federal Spending in Alaska – Funding and employment a major part of state economy
September 2007: State Government – Still a heavyweight ? but leaner than it used to be
October 2006: Local Government – Alaska's largest employer

Gross Domestic Product

October 2011: Alaska's $49 Billion Economy – The makeup of the state's gross domestic product

Health Care

August 2011: Alaska's Health Care Industry – Employment and costs continue their rapid rise
March 2010: Alaska's Health Care Industry – A large industry that just keeps growing


April 2013: Big Changes for the Information Industry – Newspapers decline as online content increases

Legal Services

December 2013: Legal Services in Alaska – Most law firms are small, centered in Anchorage

Leisure and Hospitality

June 2011: Leisure and Hospitality in Alaska – Eat, play, and stay
January 2004: Leisure & Hospitality – A billion dollar industry that employs many Alaskans


November 2010: Alaska's Other Manufacturing – The 29 percent outside of seafood processing


December 2013: The Military and Alaska's Economy – Role waxes and wanes, but it's always a major player


May 2013: Alaska's Mining Industry – Strong growth in jobs, wages, and production value
October 2010: Alaska's Mining Industry – From a golden past to a polymetallic future

Oil and Gas

June 2013: Alaska's Oil and Gas Industry – A look at jobs and oil's influence on the economy

Professional and Business Services

May 2007: Professional and Business Services – What are they and what do they tell us?

Public Schools

June 2012: Alaska's Public Schools – A profile of occupations, earnings, and employment


March 2012: The Span of Alaska's Railways – Modern transportation, enduring piece of history


March 2014: Retail Sales Workers 10 Years Later – The career paths of those who worked retail in 2002
December 2009: The Recession's Impact on Retail Jobs – In some ways Alaska's not so different
December 2008: Retail Trade in Alaska – An industry that touches everyone


February 2014: Winter Fisheries in Alaska – Some of the state's biggest catches are lesser known
November 2013: Fishing Jobs Up Slightly in 2012 – Gains in other fisheries offset minor salmon job losses
November 2013: Alaska's Salmon Hatcheries – Hatchery fish enhance sport, commercial harvests
November 2012: Alaska's Fishermen – Harvests, earnings, and their other jobs
November 2012: Long Hours on the "Slime Line" – Seafood processors key to Alaska's largest export
November 2011: Fish Harvesting in Alaska – Survey provides updated estimates for 2010
November 2010: Employment in the Seafood Industry – Alaska regions saw a mix of losses and gains in 2009

Social assistance

March 2011: Social Assistance in the Private Sector – A small, seldom-examined industry with a large reach


April 2014: The Growth of Telecommunications – Alaska has faced a series of obstacles to better connectivity


October 2010: Alaska's Timber Industry – Fallen on hard times


September 2013: Water Transportation in Alaska – Small share of jobs but crucial to economy
September 2013: The Marine Highway System – Jobs and ridership on Alaska's ferries
April 2012: The Air Transportation Industry – Flights play a bigger role in Alaska
January 2005: Transportation – Alaska geography makes it an important sector

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